Dutch Photography Talent 2012

New is a catalogue, featuring the best 100 emerging Dutch photographers annually.

New is  initiated by GUP magazine, bringing Dutch based photography talents to galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies.


Black&White spider awards Nominee

Nominee 2012 Professional category With a collective Judging Panel of the world’s most recognized experts from TATE, FRATELLI ALINARI, HEFFEL FINE ART, CAMERA WORK, FOMU, FTM ADVISORY to ART STAGE SINGAPORE and more, the Spider Awards is the industry’s most authoritative and important photographic event for black and white art.


Over Marjolein Banis

Alternative Marjolein was taught photography by her father from a young age, he worked in straight 35 mm film. The search for what is a photo and what makes a photo is “omnipresent”. Alternative processes aids her quest. Marjolein believes that the viewer has been fed the overall idea of what a photo should look like, and when he is confronted with work such as an image transfer there is confusion and he starts to look again and think and interact. The global notion of what something should be is an ongoing challenge.

Tapemagazine: Marjolein Banis is making a name for herself as an imaginative Dutch photographer, combining fashion with fine art and exciting combinations of new and old photographic techniques. First featured in TAPE 06 Today I want to share another talented Dutch artist with you: photographer Marjolein Banis. I love the edgy touch on her fashion photos and experiments with different kinds of analog photography.


Hybrid photography


Crossinging over from digital to analog
uniqueness is brought to a photographic image

Candour and Insolence editorial
Victorian momento

Photography needs rethinking


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